The Phillips Medstone Philosophy

Phillips MedstoneĀ is dedicated to chronic pain relief and more importantly, the relief of your chronic pain. Our goal is to get you back to enjoying everyday life…pain free. Our unique comprehensive approach to pain management starts by listening to our patients, one on one. Our method of communicating and coordinating directly with all of your Care Providers allows us to create a custom treatment program unique to your situation that will lead to lasting chronic pain relief.

  • We Listen
  • We are Affordable
  • We take insurance
  • We coordinate with your physicians
  • We use the latest evidence based treatments to relieve pain

Understanding Chronic Pain: Ted Talks

Elliot Krane, one of the worlds leading experts in understanding chronic pain, explains the mystery of chronic pain, it’s root causes, and some of it’s best forms of treatment.

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Phillips Medstone helps you take control of your healing process

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